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Hatha Yoga

suitable for beginners and intermediate level


Saturday morning classes


Classes encourage mindful movement

with breath awareness to develop a

sense of balance and calm both

on and off the yoga mat.

Includes classic yoga postures, breathing practices and slow flow sequences to

improve strength and flexibility and leave

you feeling relaxed and restored.


Wednesday evening classes 


Hatha yoga including elements of somatic practices with slow, gentle movements in

the warm up before moving onto stronger, energising poses and finishing off with

a longer relaxation including breath and mindfulness elements.



All abilities are catered for and every body

is welcome. You are encouraged to

move as you need to for your own body,

with options given for variations and modifications to make the pose work for you and your body on that day.

Suggestions are given as to how you

can bring yoga into your daily life whether

it’s when watching TV, doing the dishes

or even in bed - little and often adds up

to a lot!

If you do have your own Yoga mat then it's

fine to use that, if not the floor is fine.

It can also be useful to have a cushion to

hand and a blanket to either use as a prop

or to cover yourself during Savasana.

     Wear loose comfortable clothing and

try not to eat anything too heavy

before a class.


Chair Yoga

suitable for all 

focus on mobility & strength building

Monday 9.30 -10 am

Gentle and mindful Chair Yoga to help improve strength and flexibility and leave you feeling relaxed and restored.


Focus on moving into joints and creating space in the body to help release tension.


Great for those who are working at home and would welcome a gentle movement break in the middle of the day to release tension in neck, shoulders, back etc.


Also suitable for those with low mobility levels.


Monthly 90 minute class



This class is designed to be calming and grounding with an emphasis on fluid movements as well as containment in static poses - the aim being to soothe the brain and nervous system.


Classes will end with a longer relaxation or a Yoga Nidra guided relaxation to allow the body and mind to deeply rest.

"I have been meaning to message you to say how much I got from your candlelit session before Xmas! I have a very busy / (sometimes stressy!) life and have been trying to do more things for my well-being, but still find it hard to unwind completely ,

but I really did that night, felt like it was a real breakthrough - I felt I let go of a lot of things and floated home feeling mentally and physically lighter!" Beck


"I absolutely love the gentle yoga class. It's gentle and relaxing and I always sleep so well after it. My favourite 90 minutes of

the month!" Terry




"Pauline’s Saturday morning yoga class gets my weekend off to a relaxing start.” 

Gill Saxon

" I enjoyed the class as it was different and I feel energised and relaxed at the same time. Sort of at peace with myself."  



"It is my first experience of Yoga and I have really enjoyed it. I thought my arthritis would be a problem but I have actually noticed an improvement.


"We have really enjoyed your beginners classes:

Perfectly paced refreshment for mind and body!"

Sheila & Kipp

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