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Suitable for pre-teens and teens

Classes designed specifically for the needs of teens and pre-teens, teaching yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation techniques.


Young people are given time to connect with themselves and the space to be present and calm and encourage balance in their life.


Classes include postures for strength and flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness practices for concentration and de-stressing and a range of breathing exercises.


There is an emphasis on learning techniques to use at home and/or in the classroom to help focus, stay calm and most importantly, relax.


All delivered in a fun, safe, non-competitive and welcoming space.


Regular Yoga classes can help with:


  • Increasing strength and stamina

  • Confidence and raising self esteem

  •  Increasing focus and concentration

  • Skills to help manage exam stress

  • Feeling grounded and balanced

  • Reducing tension, stress and anxiety

  • Being in the present moment

  • Time to be still and rest body and mind


Classes can be themed, for example

Yoga for Self-Esteem

Yoga to De-stress

Yoga for Concentration & Focus

Yoga to Energise

 Yoga to deal with Anger

Whatever the theme there are always discussions on how yoga relates to everyday life and encouragement to bring techniques into daily life.




Chill Skills for website.jpg


Chill Skills

Chill Skills sessions can be run as a one off or as a series of themed sessions.


They work particularly well for students in Years 11 and 13 in the run up to exams.


The sessions help students relax, focus and keep calm. All vital, especially so in the run up to exams.


The emphasis is on teaching students skills that they can use off the mat, in the classroom and even in the exam room to help.


Sessions can also be classroom based so no mats or hall space required.


“I like yoga because it helps me relax and be more calm.”

“I’m doing yoga because I find it relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. It also helps with my strength and flexibility.”

“I wanted to continue doing yoga because I believe that it makes me better physically but also mentally.”



All abilities are catered for

and every body

is welcome. 

Wear loose comfortable clothing and try not to

eat anything too heavy

before a class.

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