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"Came back to yoga after a 20+ year break and absolutely  love Pauline’s classes. Really supportive teacher, achievable and enjoyable lessons and feel so much better after each session! Can’t recommend highly enough."

Jonathan Lippman

"Yoga with Pauline twice a week has been an hour of time and space to still the body and mind which has been very grounding during times of life stresses. It has kept my achy body moving which I have really appreciated and benefitted from."

Elaine Barry

"Pauline’s approach is one of clarity and simplicity in her yoga classes  - and as she talks through and demonstrates everything she does it in such a way as to create a therapeutic air of peace and calm which is much needed as we negotiate our way through these very difficult and challenging times."

Moira Ewbank


"Pauline encourages a friendly and supportive atmosphere at the Saturday yoga class, providing clear instructions and great alternatives for those of us who can't do some of the positions. I always end the class feeling energised and slightly taller."



"I find it very relaxing, and I like that it combines both physical and mental features. It is almost like a therapy for the body and the soul. During my first ever yoga lesson (with you) I could not stop smiling inside and was thinking "why didn't I do this years ago?".  



"In the 3 years I've been doing yoga with Pauline I've noticed a significant improvement in my strength and flexibility. I really appreciate that she does an enormous amount of additional training, which she incorporates into the sessions bringing a freshness to the routines. The classes are friendly, fun and relaxed and frankly, during lockdown, have kept me sane." 


"At the end of Pauline's yoga classes, I always feel both refreshed and relaxed.  The exercises are very grounding and help me to move out of my busy mind and into my senses. Highly recommended."

Kate Brierton






"I have always wanted to get into yoga for the health benefits and tried it many times but always found it very difficult and the moves very complicated. Pauline makes the whole experience so incredibly relaxing and enjoyable and the moves are explained and demonstrated step-by-step. She is also extremely responsive to emails so I found that in between lessons if anything needed clarifying or tweaking because of my physical limitations this was always possible. She is calm, approachable and really knowledgable - an excellent teacher. I absolutely love the classes."


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"Pauline's wonderful yoga classes are getting me through Covid. They provide an oasis of calm and nurturing in a world where everything else seems to have changed and become distorted. 

Pauline is the most gracious of teachers. She is always focussed and calm and her instructions are clear and delivered with a lovely soothing voice. 


I started Pauline's yoga classes as a total beginner having being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago. Previously I used to run, do Zumba and lots of physical exercise  and was rather sceptical about how yoga would help me, but how wrong I was! The yoga really helps you realign and listen to your body and I see it as an essential part of my week now. 

Pauline tailors every session to what you are able to do and always gives alternatives. I can fully recommend anyone joining her friendly and accessible classes."

Lara Kingsman


"I was sceptical about how Zoom Yoga would work, but I absolutely LOVE it! You can do the exercises and feel totally stretched-out and calm by the end. Aches and pains melt away." 


"Friendly upbeat class made suitable for anyone. Pauline ensures everyone is welcome and offers ways around any moves people might find difficult. Highly recommended, both in person and on Zoom." 


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